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In 2021 the CDC reported over 100,000 deaths by overdose. This represents a 28.5% increase over the previous year which already had over 70,000 overdose deaths! If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, it is time to talk about promoting healing and long term sobriety. It is time for some conversations and education. Many clinicians, first responders, and healthcare professionals are unaware of how they may contribute to the perpetuation of stigma. We as humans, even with professional ethics, training and licenses are still prone to biases and stigma, especially with persons who struggle with substance use/abuse issues. 


This presentation will help participants look at personal biases and strategies to combat counterproductive attitudes that cause harm to the same people our codes of ethics, profession and policy are designed to protect. If your thinking what I’m thinking, it is time to talk about reducing stigma and personal biases by re-embracing our commitments to service, dignity and worth of person. We as Professionals have a call and platform to decrease these numbers, empower others to live by providing non-biased service and treatment options for those affected by Substance Use Disorder.

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