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1.   Training Children and Adolescents in Anger Management: Practical strategies for clinicians from a cognitive-behavioral framework.

2.   Will teach participants strategies to assist children with anger-mamagement difficulties. A theoretical umderstanding and strategies with be informed by a cognitive-behavioral conceptualization. 

3. Chaim Neuhoff Ph.D.. is a clinical Psychologist who specializes in working with anger management as well as behavioral issues of children & adolescents in his private practice based in Brooklyn, New York. Dr. Neuhoff is also the founder and co-director of Nachas Consulting where he supervises Nachas Consulting associates, organizes trainings, and conducts anger-management and related groups for both children and parents. He is also Adjunct Clinical Supervisor at Ferkauf Graduate School where he supervises advanced doctoral students. 

4. Cognitive–behavioral therapy (CBT) is a collaborative treatment approach, based on the assumption that both cognitive and behavioral processes can cause and maintain challenging behavior.  CBT has been shown to be very effective with anger management related difficulties and it has also demonstrated success when utilized with children--with appropriate modifications. This workshop will provide a CBT-based conceptualization of anger-management challenges with children, and will present a hands-on approach of how to use CBT with children who are challenged with anger-management difficulties.. Live Webinar


5. Description of the teaching methods to be used:

Presentation Format: 60% Didactic, 40%interactive

Presentation content: 60 % theoretical, 20% experiential, 20% clinical/case examples

Target audience: Mental health professionals, Educators

Suggested audience level for the presentation: all levels



6. Goals & Objectives:

1.      Gain an understanding of Anger-management challenges and how they present in children

2.      Utilize cognitive restructuring techniques to decrease the frequency, intensity, and duration of anger episodes in children.

3.      Utilize behavioral techniques to assist children in controlling anger episodes.


7.   Cost: 29.99

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*exclusions apply for reasonable need and cause.

8. Credited: One CEU Contact Hour


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