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This training is an introduction to the theory and practice of clinical interventions in the treatment of betrayal trauma. The method is particularly known for its effectiveness in working with betrayed partners due to infidelity and out-of-control sexual behaviors which affect a relationship.  Of the many areas addressed in the field of psychology, there is relatively little research and understanding whether out-of-control sexual behavior is truly a disorder and worthy of treatment. Traditional approaches include behavioral, cognitive, and psychodynamic methods based on a client’s willingness to change behavior. In past years, the codependency model postulated that the betrayed partner was somehow also at fault. These approaches have been found to be ineffective in treating out-of-control behaviors.  A more effective treatment model has been developed to focus on trauma caused by the betrayer and its effect on the betrayed partner.








This training is designed to advance our understanding in working with betrayed partners and their desire to heal from betrayal trauma while contemplating whether to stay in the relationship. Research indicates that focusing on reducing the effects of trauma, while educating the betrayed partner about behavioral addiction is a more effective method for repairing the relationship. The presentation offers an innovative scientific model, based on the presenter’s 22 years of clinical experience treating couples suffering from the trauma of betrayal, leading them on a path toward reconciliation, forgiveness and hope.  It is through this model that we gain insight into the power of mindfulness based and experiential methods for treating betrayal trauma.








The training will offer a framework for understanding the nuances of out-of-control sexual behavior and infidelity and what attachment styles and family of origin dynamics typically lead to such behavior. Once this understanding is established, the betrayed partner is introduced to interventions which help them work through their trauma caused by the partner and how to journey through the pitfalls of broken trust, anger, fear of relapse toward eventual reconciliation and forgiveness.








During this webinar, we will cover the origins of out-of-control sexual behavior and infidelity, we will discuss why partners betray the people they love, the interventions which help the betrayed partner express anger and grief and the author’s journey toward healing, featuring mending a tattered heart, reflection and reconciliation, forgiveness, release and restoration.

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