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The problem of Domestic Violence, Intimate Partner Violence, or Spousal Abuse, which are all synonymous, is prevalent in society at large.  Many times clinicians will assign a mental health diagnosis to the behavior of either or both the perpetrator and the victim.  Granted,  a given diagnosis can be associated with or have developed from the impact of Domestic Violence.  However, the focus tends to be on the diagnosis while avoiding the issue at hand.  There are characteristics that provide an indication of Domestic Violence just as symptoms indicate a mental health disorder.  Yet, there appears to be a perceived notion that naming the problem of Domestic Violence is thought of as "judging" or "labeling."   

Providing accurate education around the problem, including a universal definition, allowing clinicians to process their thoughts and emotions regarding the issue as well, as providing strategies for addressing Domestic Violence can instill an improved comfort level on the part of the clinician who can then affect increased emotional/physical safety for the client.  


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