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CBT for psychosis is an evidence-based method to help people reduce distress and disability related to psychotic experiences, and to support a possible full recovery. Learn how to collaborate with people having difficult and confusing experiences, “exploring the evidence" rather than imposing your own beliefs, and helping people develop well informed coping options so they are not forced to rely only on medications that may have limited effectiveness.


This seminar begins by examining the nature of psychosis and of CBT, providing a foundation for understanding how CBT can be helpful. Then the basic style of CBT for psychosis is explored, followed by an introduction to two of the most important techniques. Finally, applications of CBT are explored for working with a variety of psychotic experiences, including hearing distressing voices, delusional beliefs, disorganization, and negative symptoms.  Throughout the seminar you will be exposed to surprisingly hopeful ways of thinking about extreme or psychotic experiences, along with practical steps you can take in your work with people who are struggling.

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