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As Mindfulness continues to be an increasingly popular form of mental health treatment, it is pertinent to consider ways to engage these interventions from a trauma-informed perspective. Research identifies that use of mindfulness can reduce trauma-related symptoms, depending on the amount of mindfulness minutes practiced per week (Kelly & Garland, 2016).   While research largely focuses on the benefits of these interventions in treatment, it is particularly critical to equally observe the risks of practices with clients who experience trauma-related disorders and symptoms.  In some instances, it may even be retraumatizing to explore this level of connectedness to the body without first establishing the presence of safety (Treleaven, & Britton, 2018).  To address this issue, this training will focus on understanding mindfulness and trauma as they relate to benevolent and effective treatment; highlight the benefits and risks of utilizing mindfulness practices to increase sensory awareness in clients who experience trauma; explore and demonstrate use of trauma-informed interventions with other treatment modalities; and, identify ways to skillfully utilize mindfulness interventions to promote effective skill use.

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