Getting to The Core: A Neurological, Belief Focused Approach to Psychotherapy (BFAP)
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   Roy Kiessling, LISW
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Gain certification in Belief Focused Approach to Psychotherapy (BFAP) with master clinician and EMDR trainer Roy Kiessling!

Getting to the Core: 

Treating the Cause, Not the Symptom

A Neurological, Belief Focused Approach to Psychotherapy

20 CEs available upon completion of all 10 sessions.

Regardless of your clinical orientation, recent advances in neuroscience suggest that an basic understanding of the neurological foundations of psychological will be helpful in case conceptualization and treatment.  Prior to the 2012, it was thought that once neural networks have been established, little if anything could be done to modify them.  Advances in neural plasticity (2012) have shown that the human brain is capable of modifying and up-dating neural networks regardless of the client’s age.

Shapiro’s “Adaptive Information Processing hypothesis (EMDR-1995, 2001, 2017) suggests that the human brain is constantly striving to up-date its learning, consolidating important information from the past with present experiences, while discarding past learning that is no longer adaptive or functional.

Emotional Learning (Ecker/Ticic, 2012) suggests that experiences having a higher emotional encoding are more apt to influence present perceptions, attitudes and behaviors.  Psychological treatment is based upon 1) identify both the “no-longer adaptive” negatively charged memories, and the present, adaptive and functional memories; 2) working with the juxtaposition of these two opposing networks in such a way as to achieve memory reconsolidation, and 3) integrating the newly consolidated memory into one’s current behavior.

Psychotherapy from a belief focused perspective combines the understanding of neural plasticity, adaptive information processing and emotional learning in an organized clinical progression, i.e., crisis intervention, case conceptualization, and belief focused treatment interventions for a wide variety of client symptoms.

This 10 week certification course will teach participants, through lecture, video demonstrations and online practice, how to understand their client’s presentation from a belief focused perspective.

The certification course will be presented in three, three week modules, presented the 2 hrs segments. Each on-line segment will include interactive lecture, demonstration videos, and when appropriate, experiential components where participants can practice some of the interventions being taught.   

Participants will receive written lecture materials, worksheets, to be used during the on-line sessions and with their clients, and a written test to complete prior to receiving the Certification in Psychotherapy from a Belief Focused Perspective

Dates for live interactive and video on-demand components.

Section 1:

Session 1:

  • Course Overview,
  • Neurobiology of Memory/Neural Plasticity, Emotional Learning,
  • Adaptive Information Processing
  • Neural Network Consolidation

Session 2:

  • Client Preparation:
    • Re-scripting & Rehearsing (Experiential)
    • Grounding/Stabilization:
    • Peaceful Place, Container, Securing a Space
  • Neural network Strengthening (Experiential)

Session 3:

  • Pre-recorded On demand Q&A

 Section 2:

Session 1:

  • Identifying Core Beliefs

Session 2:

  • Neural Network Mapping — Symptom Focused (experiential)

Session 3:

  • Neural Network Mapping (Multiple client presentations)

Session 4:

  • Q&A videos response - pre-recorded/ access on Demand

 Section 3

Session 1:

  • Neural network Mapping options

Session 2:

  • Treatment interventions

Session 3:

  • Q& A, Course wrap-up

Webinars included in this package:

Getting to The Core: Section I, Part I

Getting to The Core: Section I, Part II, Client Preparation

Getting to The Core: Section I, Part III, Pre-recorded On Demand Q&A

Getting to The Core: Section II, Part I, Identifying Core Beliefs

Getting to The Core: Section II, Part II, Neural Network Mapping — Symptom Focused

Getting to The Core: Section II, Part III, Neural Network Mapping (Multiple Client Presentations)

Getting to The Core: Section II, Part IV, Q&A Videos Response - Pre-recorded-Accessed on Demand

Getting to The Core: Section III, Part I, Neural Network Mapping Options

Getting to The Core: Section III, Part II, Treatment Interventions

Getting to The Core: Section III, Part III, Live Q& A, Course Wrap-up

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