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In this webinar, we will look at different types of Anxiety Disorders, such as Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Social Anxiety Disorder, Agoraphobia, Separation Anxiety Disorder, Selective Mutism, and Specific Phobias. We will also cover Substance Use Disorders like Alcohol Use Disorder and Gambling Addiction Disorder, as well as Trauma and Stress Disorders, including PTSD, Adjustment Disorders, Reactive Attachment Disorder, and Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder.

We will use the documentation formula introduced in DSM 5 to diagnose these conditions. Throughout the webinar, we will engage in interactive discussions with the audience. We will look at vignettes that vividly depict scenarios associated with many of the aforementioned diagnoses, providing an opportunity for thought-provoking and collaborative conversations.

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