360 minutes   
Thursday August 18th 2022 10:00 AM EST
Thursday August 18th 2022 1:45 PM EST
   Melissa Orshan Spann, PhD, LMHC
   Shimmy Feintuch, LCSW CASAC-G
6 CEs
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Full Day Webinar

 August 18, 2022 10:00AM - 4:45PM EST

Lunch Break 1:00-1:45PM EST


This  Full Day Webinar includes two excellent classes, a total of 6 CE Credits. The cost of the full day is $99.99. You may attend an individual class for $59.99.

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Class 1: 10:00AM-1:00PM EST

The Common Factor: Importance of Therapeutic Alliance in Eating Disorder Treatment

First written about in the 1930s, the common factor approach has a long history in the field of psychotherapy. While common factors are imbedded in scientific theory (Laska & Wampold 2014) they are often overlooked for the latest evidence-based practice manual to become available. The most well researched common factor, the therapeutic alliance, is one of the most critical elements of treatment. Therapeutic alliance, as supported by meta-analysis, is a significant predictor of therapy outcome. Alliance itself is comprised of several factors. In this presentation, the presenter will briefly explore the history of common factors and the therapeutic alliance. Participants will explore how clinicians can effectively develop a meaningful therapeutic alliance and the impact this has on treatment outcomes. The presenter will explore the unique factors to eating disorder and body image treatment through an alliance lens.


Class 2: 1:45PM-4:45PM EST
Cultural Competence: LGBTQ and Conflicting Religious Values

Multiple issues may arise when traditional religious values and LGBTQ+ clients intersect. Clients who inhabit both of these identities experience not only internal value conflicts, but also conflicting community and societal pressures from their religious and sexual identities. The first part of this course will explore both sides of this dialectic, informing a culturally competent approach to each individual identity before moving toward multiple approaches to a synthesis of these seemingly conflicting identities.
When clinicians with traditional religious values treat LGBTQ+ clients (religious or not), clinicians may struggle to formulate a treatment that empowers clients yet matches the clinicians’ values. The second part of this course will explore and develop the idea of true LGBTQ+ cultural competence as a gateway to merging affirmative treatment with the clinicians’ traditional value systems.

Shimmy Feintuch, LCSW CASAC-G is a New York City-based psychotherapist, professor, writer, and international public speaker. He speaks about issues relevant to community, emotional wellness, and spirituality, and has lectured in exotic locales like Kansas, Shanghai, and Brooklyn.

Webinars included in this package:

The Common Factor: Importance of Therapeutic Alliance in Eating Disorder Treatment

Cultural Competence: LGBTQ and Conflicting Religious Values

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