Efficacious Treatments for Organizational and Executive Function Deficits in Children and Teens with ADHD: Overview and Practical Guide
  3 Hours, 0 Minutes     Previously Recorded    Richard Gallagher, Ph.D. & Sol Wahba, Ph.D.
3 CEs



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Webinar Description

Participants will be provided with content to effectively treat youth with ADHD using two empirically-supported treatments; one for children of elementary school age (Organizational Skills Training - OST) and one for teens (Supporting Teens Autonomy Daily - STAND). The lead author of the OST manual used in randomized clinical trials (RCT) will present. The presenters have extensive experience providing STAND and supervising psychology trainees in the application of both treatments. Workshop participants will learn methods for identifying children with ADHD who show impaired executive functioning and practical reflections on those deficits in Organization, Time Management, and Planning. The workshop will briefly review results from the randomized clinical trials that investigated the efficacy of the therapies. The workshop will teach the behavioral and cognitive methods for engaging youth and their parents, guiding parents in supporting behavior change through behavior management principles, building skills in childhood, and obtaining support from teachers.

Workshop participants will learn the foundations of both programs, their theoretical and practical rationale, and their practical application in clinical and school settings. The program will offer presentations, prompts for discussions from attendees, brief video demonstrations, and focused role plays.  

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