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Should clinicians be role models for ethical behavior for their clients? This seminar will describe for therapists, how to serve as ethical consultants, who will help their clients balance their personal needs with their sense of responsibility to others. Dr. William Doherty, University of Minnesota, has introduced this cutting edge concept of the ethical consultation. Each of us clinicians should step up in the role of an ethical consultant. But, has Doherty turned a staple of sound therapeutic practice on its head?

In school, most of us were taught that our sole responsibility in therapy is to the person in front of us at our desk. Along comes ethical consultation to challenge that principle and posit that we are always affecting people who are in the client's life but not in the room with us. Should we be responsible for our clients’ entire family system? Until now, we likely considered them as “not our responsibility.” Dr. Singer will challenge seminar participants to attempt to fix not only their clients lives but minimally, to display empathy and suggest clinical interventions for members of their clients’ families. Featured in the webinar’s two interactive roleplays and panel discussion will be Dr. Dovid Fox, Ms. Miriam Turk, LCSW and Mrs. Rozi Wax, LMHC, LMFT.

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