Ethics in Play Therapy
  8 Hours, 0 Minutes   
Previously Recorded
   Amanda Gurock, LICSW, PLADC

Webinar Description

Learn the evolution of ethics throughout history and how they apply to professions. Explore and learn why ethics are important to you as a clinician but also for your clients. Expand your understanding of ethical dilemmas and how they apply to play therapy. Gain knowledge on how to protect yourself from liability problems and how to protect your client’s confidentiality. This session will help expand your tool box when making ethical decisions as you will explore and learn ethical decision models. Explore and learn about the ethics in social media and other modern day arenas.



  1. Understand ethical dilemmas and how they apply to play therapy
  2. Explore best practices of play therapy and develop more self-awareness
  3. Learn ethical problem solving models and the importance of them


Webinars included in this package:

Ethics in Play Therapy: The History and Background

Ethics in Play Therapy: Play Therapy and Ethical “Fitness”

Ethics in Play Therapy: Ethical Problem Solving Models

Ethics: Practical Applications of Ethics in Play Therapy

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