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In this webinar, participants will gain a basic understanding of the connection between nutrition and lifestyle with mood, cognition, mental health, and overall wellness.  Science has conflicting opinions about what nutrition, supplements, and medications are best for us. Considering that each person is a bio-psycho-social-spiritual individual, it makes no sense to broad-stroke everyone’s needs into one model. In this workshop, we will discuss various phenotypes and possible nutritional needs for their overall well-being.  By discussing the beneficial and adverse effects different foods, substances, and behaviors have on our well-being, we will arrive at a fundamental paradigm for wellness. Then we will survey various mental health conditions and mood disorders and share recommended beneficial foods, drinks, supplements, and lifestyle interventions for these situations. Simple modifications of nutrition, chrono-nutrition (the timing of eating), supplementation, avoidance of toxic chemicals and additives in food and the atmosphere, sleep (circadian rhythm disruption), and more can be hacked for attaining wellness on all levels - mental, physical, and spiritual.

We will discuss the importance of collaborating with our clients’ healthcare professionals, especially if we are not certified or licensed to practice dietary prescriptions in our local jurisdiction. We will touch briefly on the legal and ethical issues regarding guiding our clients in this field. Since this workshop is brief, we will give a general overview of the topics and provide resources for further inquiry.

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