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This class will take place as a Live Webinar on

May 20, 2021

10:00am - 4:45pm

Live Webinar

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 The Graduate Course You Never Had: Managing and Marketing a Private Mental Health Practice

This workshop is based on Dr. Waldman’s 45 years of highly successful clinical, forensic private psychological practice and on-going study of the topic.  Many clinicians are unfamiliar with effective business strategies and are uncomfortable with marketing; some even consider practice development to be unethical.  This seminar will teach necessary practice management tools and the importance of promoting one’s practice through ethical, effective and efficient marketing methods.  Participants will be introduced to emerging technologies, such as online processes.

One cannot help the client they don’t see.  Through this workshop therapists will benefit their community and their profession by educating more people regarding the many services mental health providers offer.  In this very practical workshop the following topics will be addressed:  Private Practice as a Business; Effectively Getting Started; Necessary Practice Management Concepts; Managing Managed Care; Proven, Productive, Efficient, Ethical Marketing Techniques; Become the Expert; Non-Traditional Ways of Earning Income; and Online Marketing.

The workshop is appropriate for early-career clinicians but also is quite useful for more experienced providers who desire to develop a more lucrative, satisfying practice.  Participants will be enabled to make immediate changes in their professional functioning.  Not only will this workshop be most relevant, it will also be entertaining, as Dr. Waldman is a trained, professional speaker.

The information provided in this program is based upon years of research and personal study on the topic of private practice development, numerous articles and a book authored on the topic.  It is for educational purposes.  Some providers may experience variable success with the methods described.  The only risks involved are lost, wasted time and having proposals be rejected.

This program respects diversity.  In fact, marketing to diverse populations and cultures is strongly recommended.  The uniqueness of the individual psychologist is emphasized and encouraged as a potential marketing niche.

Dr. Waldman is a recently-retired licensed clinical, forensic psychologist and certified school psychologist in Phoenix, Arizona. He conducted a highly successful private practice for the past 45 years, providing legal consultations and working with children, teens, parents, couples, and adults in a solution-focused manner. In addition to his clinical work, Dr. Waldman was the past president of the Maricopa Psychological Society and the Director of Psychological Services for Charter Psychiatric Hospital of Glendale from 1988 to 2000. Dr. Waldman has written numerous articles, and six books. He trained as a public speaker and continues to present to educators, laypersons, corporations, entrepreneurs, attorneys, fellow mental health professionals, and to the media.


Reviews from Previous Participants


"I got a lot of great ideas & inspiration.  It was excellent!"

Elaine Gaylor, MFT

"Excellent seminar.  You've done your homework."

  1. Chris Wolf, PhD

"Good presenter; clear speaker; good humor; and good examples."

Frank Lucchetti, PhD

"Worth the cost of the conference.  Most useful information."

Danielle Biggs, Psy.D.

"Practical information that can be used ASAP to improve my practice.  You're a great speaker!  Please come back next year to share more of your wisdom."

Elle Walker, Psy.D.

"Frank talk on marketing from someone who really knows the topic."

Brad Applegate, PhD, CEO

"Thanks for giving 'permission' to psychologists to be not only helpful to others but to themselves, as well"

Robert North, MD, Ed.D.

 "Great concrete ideas I will use next week!"

        Jamie Guyn

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