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Many times our clients come to us for help in the most desperate of situations. Sometimes we as clinicians have a desire to fix the client's situation. Ultimately when it comes to the grief experience, the goal is not to fix the client, but to be present with them. Grief is a very difficult experience that is universal to us all. It does not discriminate or go by a predetermined schedule or itinerary. Important to be aware of are the cultural, neurobiological and theoretical frameworks that can inform how we guide clients through their grief work.

Grief is different for each of us. When facilitating or helping others through grief we must do a self check. If our personal grief journey isn't explored then how will we properly help our clients. There are many elements that should be considered when we charter the road to helping others. Helping to facilitate growth in grief is not a way to finalize this process, but a way to guide and lead our clients toward healing.

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