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Discover the MindFulChoice™ System: a revolutionary 21st-century transformation rooted in 20 years of research. This dynamic approach blends Positive Psychology, Choice Theory, and Parallel Thinking with Education Science, providing a fresh perspective on daily living. Help your clients unlock the power to live intentionally, boost well-being, and navigate life's challenges with resilience. Join us to explore the core concepts, delve into Positive Psychology, Choice Theory, and Parallel Thinking, and gain practical tools for stress management and resilience building. Developed by two cognitive psychologists with over 50 years of expertise, MindFulChoice™ is your toolbox for mastering life's choices and challenges.

MindFulChoice™ provides individuals of virtually all ages the ability to live by intention and not impulse, become fully aware of their possibilities, and make the best choices for success. This class will detail the workings of the MindFulChoice™ System and how you can use this process with your clients to generate clarity, focus, energy, and wellbeing.

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