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10:00 AM - 4:45 PM EST

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As mental health professionals we have skills and experience in helping clients understand and tolerate difference in their intimate and extended relationships. Remembering to use those skills when one is experiencing moral outrage is not easy. How do we help our clients deal with their "inner polarizer?"  How can we as clinicians deal with our own inner polarizer so that we can remain non-judgemental in session?

In this age of extreme polarization, one of the hardest things for us and most people is to listen to people whose core beliefs we do not share. What happens when someone loves or cares about others, yet does not like or respect parts of them? What if one finds the core belief systems of others in our countries to be abhorrent? 

This webinar is participatory. All people can all use the support of community.  There will be  mini-lectures, break-out rooms, video clips of interviews with top therapists who are experts in dealing with warring couples. We will watch master therapist, Bill Doherty, coach couples who are troubled by political differences.

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