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As therapists we have skills and experience in helping warring couples find a way back to each other. Remembering to use those skills when we ourselves are experiencing moral outrage is not easy. In this age of extreme polarization, one of the hardest things for us and most people, has been to listen to people whose core beliefs we do not share. What if we love or care about people when we don’t like or respect parts of them? What if the core belief systems of others in our countries are actually abhorrent to us?

This webinar is meant to be participatory. There will be  mini-lectures, break-out rooms, video clips of my interviews with leaders in social justice organizations and with top couples therapists including Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly Hunt, Stan Tatkin, Bill Doherty and Hedy Schleifer. This workshop is an opportunity to use our hearts and skills to work together to help ourselves, our family and friends, our clients and our community.

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