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Regardless of the modality, much of mental health treatment is driven by the medical model. This requires diagnoses in order to access services, especially those that are reimbursed by health insurance. A diagnosis, while necessary for insurance reimbursement, can carry a great deal of stigma. At the same time it can clarify why someone is distressed. Being told of a mental health diagnosis can result in relief, fear, distress, anger, grief, or any combination of emotions. Consequently, those who diagnose have an immense amount of power. 

The primary goal of this workshop is to help clinicians ensure diagnostic accuracy. Dr. Hasson will discuss factors that can influence the accuracy of diagnosing, including the quality of the interview, base rates, implicit biases, confirmation bias, environmental factors, and availability heuristics. She will also review different methods of interviewing, including the benefits and drawbacks of different diagnostic interviewing strategies and screening measures.

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