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Participants will write, reflect, meditate and engage in discussions about what it means to free ourselves from fragmentation and find ourselves whole again. Fragmentation of the self has unintended consequences. Often, the effects are depression, anxiety, and blocked creativity. At the root of this is fear. Fear comes from attachment to particular outcomes.

This four-hour course is informed by the Buddhist way of living and seeing the world. We’ll focus on the four noble truths: 1) There is suffering in life. 2) The cause of suffering is craving. 3) There is an end to suffering when we stop craving. 4) There is a path that leads away from craving and suffering. We’ll also discuss the four “ immeasurables " : Love, Compassion, Sympathetic Joy, and Equanimity.


We will examine how to move away from debilitating language and illness metaphors and into new ways of telling our story, discerning what we want to integrate from our big history; with this, we will look back into ancestral wisdom as a restorative and healing practice. 


This course is designed for individuals who are curious about how to integrate the multiple parts of life into a cohesive wholeness. Practitioners will learn practices that help people live with integrity and excellence, become more alive and creative, learn mindful movement and more. This class is for individuals interested in creating more psychological flexibility and more emotional language fluidity, so they can help people embrace life with curiosity, detachment and depth.

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