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Multiracial identity is a growing category in racial identification. Therefore, more representation and information is needed for service providers to best service this growing population.  This presentation will bring awareness to service providers about the Multiracial population as well as educate on Multiracial Identity development and identity process. Discussion will briefly touch on the different Multiracial Identity Theories (social, psychological, environmental etc). A brief overview of a Multiracial study conducted on two local college campuses will be presented with a discussion of the findings.  Finally, suggested methods to support this population will also be presented.


(Trainer: Dr. Vercera Harvey-White, LMSW, PhD, is a social worker who works with special needs children in Maryland. Dr. Harvey-White has provided numerous trainings on the topics of Suicide Prevention, Boundaries and Zones of Regulation. During her doctoral training she conducted a study on Multiracial Identity and Social Supports needed on college campuses.)

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