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The field of Epigenetics is a hot topic in the scientific community. The root, “Epi” – means above, beyond, transcending, and “Genetics” – refers to inherited genes or our DNA sequences. The main principles of Epigenetics take a diametric turnaround from our old concept of what is inherited (nature, DNA), and what is due to life experiences and exposures (nurture). In the past, we thought “inherited” phenomena such as medical and mental health predispositions were a fait accompli - a lifelong sentence. For instance, if a grandfather and his son had heart problems, and both generations died early because of them, thus, it was considered likely that the child of the next generation would die at an early age from these problems as well. Today we have knowledge about epigenetic marvels that can improve such odds. It is encouraging to know that we do have some control over the remediation of our inherited health history. So, by optimizing sleep, movement, diet, and other lifestyle changes as well as reducing one’s chronic stress response and reactivity one can attain epigenetic benefits. Physiological conditions such as diabetes, heart problems, insomnia, fatigue, gut issues, systemic inflammation, etc., can be improved and even cured.

In this presentation, participants will learn the basic concepts of Epigenetics and how this burgeoning field relates to mental health. We will explore its extensive research and color the talk with real-world examples. Building on that knowledge, we will share practical applications for enhancing attendees' own positive genetic expression. Empirical examples from the presenter’s psychotherapy and wellness coaching practice, as well as her personal health experiences, will round out the discussion. During this session, we will actively reflect together on how knowledge about this promising field can benefit our client’s mental and physical health, with the hopes that attendees will gain practical ideas for their own well-being, for their patients, clients, colleagues, and loved ones. The PowerPoint notes and additional resource materials will be available for later study.

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