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The workshop will provide the attendees with an interactive discussion that will include an overview of the unique psychosocial stressors noted within research and its correlation to mental health outcomes among Black Indigenous and People Of Color (BIPOC). To date, individuals at time remain misdiagnosed due to the failure of educators and health practitioners to engage in providing services from a multicultural eclectic purview. This means that providers are often remised in realizing the past and continued influences of psychosocial variables related to real and perceived discrimination on achievement, behavior, and clinical health outcomes. Said psychosocial variables can exacerbate behaviors, symptoms, and at times be the antecedent that onset those symptoms. Thus, it is imperative that health providers learn methods to incorporate the multitude of psychosocial experiences BIPOC encounter into their methods of service delivery, including case conceptualization, diagnosis, and treatment.


Target Audience: Practitioners (Psychologist, Social Workers, and LMHC) and Educators


Intermediate Level (assumes that attendees have some experience with the topic and that the presentation will add to basic knowledge).

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