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Self-Disclosure: An Ethical Approach to “Knowing What to say, When to Say it, and How to Say it”

Live Webinar

Friday, October 20th, 2023

10:00AM-1:00PM EST

3 CE Credits - Ethics

Self-Disclosure can be a highly effective tool in connecting with others. In therapeutic situations, a certain amount of disclosure always occurs. Clients can discern (or guess at) our socio-economic status, gender, clothing preferences, and marital status, to name a few things, just by looking at us. But when is it appropriate to reveal our personal story when talking with clients? When they ask us about our own lives, should we answer the questions? What if the questions seem like they are a challenge to our “professional expertise”.

This session will be interactive – with some surprises! In this training, Tonya Logan, Founder and CEO of Kayla’s village, will discuss her own story and her approach to disclosure in working with clients. Participants will be encouraged to view challenges by clients in a positive and strength-based framework. Clinicians will gain a deeper ability to view clients seemingly threatening questions in a less prejudicial manner.  

Whether we are faced with sharing information from our past or present, personally or professionally, we are often unsure of how that information will be perceived.  Learn to use “less than positive” information to help build relationships and show clients that we can use our challenges to move forward rather than hamper growth

(Trainer, Tonya Logan,  LCSW-C, LICSW, Founder and CEO, Kayla’s Village)


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