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This webinar course will introduce and define the parameters of child therapy when focused on safety awareness. A description of common factors which can create increased vulnerability during vacation time and summer activities will be reviewed, and tools for addressing self- and other- awareness, identification of risk and unsafe activities, tools for maintaining personal boundaries and self- respect, and techniques for introducing sensitive topics during therapy within ethical and tznius guidelines will be offered.

The first half hour of the course will offer practical child friendly tools to increase awareness of children related to sexual abuse prevention, during camp including topics such as:
• Rules of personal safety
• Identifying and listening to their inner voice
• Practical conversations and role plays related to camp (role model how to tell if they are uncomfortable)
• Grooming, boundaries, relationships are never a secret
• Handling peer pressure in camp
• “camp atmosphere”

For the remaining half hour, we will address educating parents of clients to keep their children safe during the summer including topics such as
• Review rules of personal safety…they apply in camp as well
• Who can they talk to in camp if there is a problem…be specific
• Family passcode
• Recognize signs and symptoms that your child may need help after camp
• Responding to a disclosure
• Video showing a parent child natural conversation
• 10 tips for Parents

Founder and creator of the internationally recognized Safety Kid program, Debbie Fox has facilitated a unique partnership between schools, families and children to create a safer world for our community’s youngest members; at home, school and at camp. Guided by her passion for keeping children safe, she established Magen Yeladim Child Safety Institute in 2013 and currently serves as its director, consulting throughout the world on abuse prevention and intervention. A licensed social worker, Debbie also lectures frequently and has published within her areas of expertise and most recently authored Seminary Savvy: Every Girl’s Guide to a Successful, Safe, and Satisfying Experience – in Seminary and Beyond. Her work as a consultant has been utilized by county and state agencies in the areas of child, family and cross-cultural sensitivity training, for which she has received letters of honor and recognition


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