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America is facing a health crisis of epidemic proportions. By failing to meet basic standards of physical fitness our children are growing increasingly sick. This affects not only their lifespan but also the quality of that limited life—yet no one is taking action. Thirty percent of American kids are overweight with twenty percent meeting the criteria for obesity. Twenty-five percent of these kids have diabetes or prediabetes and this will be the first generation in history who will have a shorter lifespan than the previous. And these kids will not simply die at a younger age like cigarette smokers—they have symptoms now. If obesity was an infectious disease like the flu, it would be front page news, with people wearing surgical masks and carrying pump bottles of Purell.

Lack of fitness affects not just health, but everything about our kids lives. Depression, stress, and anxiety are at record levels. Additionally, study after study shows poor fitness affects ability to learn and has a huge effect on school performance. We know without a doubt that a child who is not physically active is not assimilating information or thinking to their full potential. In other words, there will not be better math scores until we have better health scores. You cannot have a STEM genius without fitness: there is a balance that needs to be struck between nerd and jock.

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