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  Schizophrenia is a complex brain disorder, which can present with a variety of symptoms.  It is known to have an impact on multiple cognitive and functional domains. The study of schizophrenia is now focused on the neurodevelopmental nature of this condition.  One important idea about schizophrenia is the stress-diasthesis or vulnerability hypothesis, which hypothesizes that individuals may have a genetic of neurobiological vulnerability to developing schizophrenia but that the development of the disorder is also related to life stressors.  

Recommended treatments for schizophrenia now often focus on the use of neuropsychological evaluation measures that accurately assess areas of cognitive vulnerability.  After that is completed, there are a number of cognitively-based therapy protocols that emphasize cognitive rehabilitation, coupled with coping skills development, social skills development, and the use of education and insight.  There are a number of such protocols available and even one which can be downloaded for free.  

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