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Every client you will see is likely to have hurt or been hurt by their loved ones. This is understandably true of most of those who come to see you for marriage counseling and trauma, but it’s also the case when the presenting problem is addiction or another mental health condition. The focus of treatment may not be on the harm caused or suffered, but relationships need to be mended before recovery can be solid.


This workshop describes a process of healing and potential forgiveness for anyone in a relationship affected by selfishness, violence, abuse, addiction, or betrayal; whether they are the victim, the perpetrator, or both. It guides participants on how to assess the damage done and recognize codependency and vindictiveness, blocking the way from injury to peace. It gives pragmatic advice on how to help clients find safety, assert needs, apologize, make amends, and promote change.


This presentation recognizes and acknowledges that there are many cases where reporting is important and required to ensure child safety. We will discuss, briefly, ways to distinguish cases of maltreatment from cases of poverty and other non-maltreatment stressors where alternative responses may be appropriate.

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