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10:00 AM EST - 4:45 EST

6 Hours, 6 CEs


Attachment experiences between young children and caregivers wire brain circuits, alter biochemistry, create core beliefs and narratives, and form the template for future relationships. Early developmental trauma (i.e., disrupted attachment), as well as abuse, neglect, and other traumatic experiences, often results in depression, anxiety, emotional dysregulation, behavioral acting-out, shame, dissociation, identity confusion, and inability to maintain healthy relationships.


In this webinar, trauma, attachment, and family therapy expert, Terry M. Levy, Ph.D., will teach you the concepts and clinical skills necessary to create positive change and healing with clients experiencing trauma and attachment problems. Via PowerPoint and clinical videos, you will learn cognitive, emotional, social and experiential interventions to help children, adults, couples and families regarding the following issues: negative attitudes and beliefs; insecure attachment styles; PTSD symptoms; unhealthy relationship patterns; communication and conflict-management skills; anger-management, impulse control, and other prosocial coping skills; sense of identity (from victim to overcomer); mitigating intergenerational trauma; rewiring the traumatized brain; learning therapeutic (healing) parenting. 



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