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Mild cases of COVID-19 infection typically last from as little as a few days to perhaps two weeks; those with a more severe presentation may find themselves sick for six weeks or more. As members of the global society at large, when we contemplated contracting COVID-19 we imagined the immediate effects of the illness on ourselves and loved ones. We did not—perhaps even could not—conceive of a reality in which this “severe flu” might cause chronic debilitating illness post-infection. Unfortunately, for an estimated 65 million people around the world, this is exactly what happened. With upwards of 200 documented symptoms, long COVID has proven itself to be a complicated multi-organ system disease characterized by post-exertional malaise, myalgia, and cognitive impairment. 

This workshop equips mental health professionals caring for “long haulers” with the necessary biopsychosocial perspective to advocate for and support them as they cope with an invisible illness still too commonly overlooked by primary care physicians. First, participants will develop an in depth understanding of long COVID as a medical condition through an exploration of topics such as its diagnostic criteria, symptoms, potential causal factors, and current model of care. Next, participants will examine the psychosocial factors they must understand to be able to ethically provide behavioral health support to long haulers (e.g., treatment barriers, proposed interventions). Participants will also become conversant in special considerations they should be mindful of when treating long haulers to include matters of disability and cultural factors. Finally, the workshop concludes with a group exercise in which participants will role play addressing treatment resistance given the propensity of many long haulers to resist the suggestion of pursuing mental health treatment. This role play allows participants to synthesize what they have learned throughout the workshop to address such therapy resistance.

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