"WHAT is he thinking?!?" - Understanding Theory of Mind and its Application to Healthy Social Functioning
  3 Hours, 0 Minutes     Previously Recorded    Frimi Faye Walkenfeld, Ph.D., Rebecca Soffer, Ph.D., and Meira Orentlicher, PhD, OTR/L, FAOTA, CRA
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Webinar Description

People are social beings. The constant flow of reading social situations; understanding our own and others’ thoughts, emotions and motivations is the foundation for effective communication, healthy relationships and good judgement. Theory of Mind ( ToM) is the psychological process explaining how this happens. Misinterpreting our thoughts and feelings and misreading or ignoring others’ perspectives, intentions, and  emotions causes conflict with family, friends and colleagues. On the flip side, well-developed ToM paired with bad intentions fuels deception, manipulation and pathological behavior


This workshop aims to unpack the basic elements of the Theory of Mind in neurotypical development. Skills like introspection, emotional awareness, social reasoning , and empathy are observed in young infants and mature through adolescence and adulthood. Presenters will outline what can go wrong and how that explains common relationship issues, developing psychopathology, and behaviors associated with neurodiverse populations such as autism. The Practical Theory of Mind-informed intervention strategies for a broad spectrum of clinical cliente;e will be presented from psychological and occupational therapy literature

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