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A total of 20 important components for effective supervision have been identified. Each component will be examined and select ones will be reinforced by videos that emphasize the key points. Skillful integration of these building blocks enables supervisors to achieve success. The building blocks can be catergorized into 3 parts: (1) essentials for leadership - including conflict resolution, decision-making, critical thinking, and program metrics: (2) Clinical issues such as teamwork, CBT for supervision; and (3) Administrative essentials  - office organization; dealing with silos; avoid being a sandwiched manager.

By skillfully integrating these components, supervisors can enhance their leadership skills, improve clinical supervision, and efficiently manage administrative tasks. Learning not only what to do but also how to do it will empower supervisors to effectively apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios, ensuring success in their roles. 

The major focus is for supervisors who are supervising units within their organization and will focus more on administrative rather than clinical functions. 

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