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This two-part webinar series will provide an introduction to a trauma informed approach.

From a trauma informed perspective, recent advances in neurobiology and memory reconsolidation suggest that many psychological issues are a result of neural networks inability to link, bind and reconsolidate. This two-part webinar series will introduce its participants to how the brain accomplishes adaptive
learning, and how past traumatic experiences may inhibit adaptive memory network re-consolidating. Part 1 will address the neurobiology of trauma, with Part 2 providing a road map to identifying developmental core beliefs and how to organize and integrate them into a safe, effective and efficient treatment plan.

Roy Kiessling, LISW, has been involved in the teaching of trauma related psychotherapy interventions both nationally and internationally since 1997. Roy looks at trauma related issues from a neurological based, adaptive information processing perspective, most commonly associated with EMDR. His webinar presentations will be presented this neurological, developmental perspective.

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