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This 1-hour webinar will provide a basic overview of chronic pain and briefly outline therapies that have been shown to help with pain management and overall coping. Therapists are not expected to be pain physicians, but can be an invaluable part of the treatment team. This webinar is a good starting point for those who currently work with chronic pain patients or who would like to learn more about this topic. The webinar will conclude with a brief period for questions.

The following topics will be covered briefly: Overview of Chronic Pain (Prevalence, Common Conditions, Economic Costs); Types of Pain (e.g., acute vs. chronic, nociceptive vs. neuropathic); Physiology (Gate Control Theory of Pain, Cortical Reorganization in Pain); Mood, Pain, and Functioning (Anxiety & Depression, Catastrophizing, Interpersonal Relationships, Pain Behaviors and Other Ways of Communicating about Pain); Therapies Prescribed for Pain (Medications, CBT, Mind-Body, Mindfulness); Health-Supportive Behaviors as Pain Management; Psychotherapy with Pain Patients; Collaboration and Communication with Medical Team. The presentation will feature a handout with a list of Resources and Further Reading.


Traci Stein, PhD, MPH, is a licensed psychologist in private practice and who is an adjunct professor and clinical supervisor at Teachers College, Columbia University. She is also fellowship trained in pain psychology, holds a master of public health in community health education, is a topic expert on integrative medicine at both GoodTherapy.org and PsychologyToday.com, and author of the award-winning book, “The Everything Guide to Integrative Pain Management.”

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