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Positive psychology challenges the idea that success stops at bringing clients to their baseline. Using a wellness-driven lens, this strengths-based approach emphasizes working past alleviation of suffering, past merely surviving, into a place of thriving. Positive psychology is not new. Though the term was coined in the 1990s, this approach blends together person-centered concepts, mindfulness, and self-compassion. It allows us to work with clients in a way that offers empowerment and optimism to promote change.

This presentation will examine the benefits and opportunities associated with Positive Psychology as well as reinforce participants’ understanding of how this model is not different, but complementary, to our other tried and true therapies. The presenter will demonstrate how to remain grounded in our favorite modalities while integrating the PERMA model of wellbeing. We'll review the research behind this evidence-based framework. Participants will receive a variety of techniques and interventions which might inspire others’ creativity in building their own clinical applications.

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