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Subject of the course:   Participants will learn how to orient and support clients in the challenging task of processing trauma. In addition participants will gain insight to the nature of distorted thinking that commonly results from traumatic experiences.

  There are multiple necessary components that clinicians need to take into consideration when guiding traumatized clients through the journey of processing traumatic memories. In this “hands on” webinar, a role-play of a therapist and client processing a traumatic incident will be demonstrated. The therapist will have the “client” share a narrative, while assessing the level of distress the client is presenting. In addition, the therapist will explore and identify the “hot spot” and negative thoughts associated with it. Participants will also learn how to address negative thoughts that are associated with the traumatic incident.


   Yitzchok Sommer LSW, CASAC-T, is a Licensed Social Worker who specializes in working with behavioral issues in pre-teens, teens and their parents. He is a certified TF-CBT therapist and has advanced training in treating symptoms related to trauma and abuse (PTSD), helping clients develop coping skills and process negative experiences. Most recently he has worked as a clinician in an out-patient therapy setting where he has gained valuable experience, working with victims of trauma as well as other mood and behavior related disorders.


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