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A case conceptualization is a multi-dimensional framework that is based on information gathered, organized, and assessed to provide an explanation of a client’s behavior. While there is much consensus among the established theoretical orientations as to the dimensions to be assessed and the need for comprehensive data collection, there are distinct differences as to the value placed on the various types of data and on the manner in which data is used. This webinar will present a fundamental, dynamic structure aimed at assessing a client’s psychological make-up and individuality to advance proper treatment planning and implementation.

Dr. Robert W. Lebovits, Ph.D., is a senior psychologist who has treated thousands of clients in numerous settings, both academic and clinical. In his private practice, he specializes in working with adults and adolescents, focusing on life transition, as well as consulting for professionals and businesses. Clients have benefited from Dr. Lebovits’ assistance with Stress Management, Better Decision Making, Impulsiveness Remediation, Cognitive Enhancement of Attitudes, Emotional Regulation, and Effective Behaviors. Dr. Lebovits also enjoys a successful teaching career at The University of Pittsburgh.

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