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Barry Horowitz; LCSW-R

Founder, Director: Courageous Journeys Therapeutic Services, PLLC


Child sexual abuse is a devastating phenomenon that can have a profoundly dangerous influence upon the psychological, emotional, spiritual, behavioral and physical well-being of our most vulnerable members of our community, our children. As far back as 2006 the Center for Disease Control (CDC) estimated that as many as 1 in 4 females and 1 in 6 boys will have experienced unwanted sexual touch before the age of 18 years of age.  Moreover, recent studies within the general community indicate a significant gap between well intended messages provided in sexual abuse prevention programming and the overall effectiveness of traditional programs in actually reducing risk of abuse and ramifications of victimization. Stated quite simply, many messages that our children are hearing about prevention can not only be ineffective, but can in and of themselves, be harmful.


Even within more culturally insulated communities, increasing numbers of painful accounts of suicide, addictions, anxiety and depressive disorders, marital strife, academic challenges, spiritual disillusionment and self-injurious behaviors among some who have untreated history of child sexual victimization has reinvigorated the desire to learn about effective prevention. Parents, educators, clergy and the general public turn to us as for specific ways in which they may be able to communicate with children to better keep them safe.

This 2-part training is based upon Barry Horowitz’s vast 20 years of experience within the field as a treatment provider, crisis intervention specialist and lecturer/trainer on the topic of sexual abuse prevention. Drawing upon growing literature on the topic of primary and secondary prevention of the impact of child sexual abuse, it is uniquely developed for both mental health professionals, those working with children and parents and caregivers as well. It will explore some of the progress made regarding methods of prevention; as well as critical background regarding myths and realities of child sexual abuse and unintended consciences of these misconceptions. Themes such as barriers to disclosure; dangers of those who molest; challenges that face male and female survivors and the increased dangers of the internet in fostering offending behaviors are among the topics to be explored in the first training.


In addition to providing background regarding the misconceptions and realities of abuse, in the second part of the two-part workshop, participants will find the crucial main focus of the training will be developing a large yet organized tool-box of specific age-appropriate (and culturally aware) conversations, precautions and modeling behaviors with children and adolescents that may increase our ability to keep our children safe. This will also be an opportunity to learn about possible warning signs of abuse. Finally, participants will gain valuable insights into practical methods of adult intervention if abuse is suspected or disclosed.

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