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3 CE Credits - Ethics, 3 CE Contact Hours

The rapid integration of telehealth into therapeutic practices has become a reality for many mental health professionals, often without the luxury of formal training in this medium. This webinar aims to provide therapists with a comprehensive understanding of telehealth, addressing their responsibilities to clients and exploring clients' obligations in the therapeutic relationship. By examining ethical frameworks, privacy concerns, and potential pitfalls, therapists can better navigate the virtual landscape while upholding professional standards. In addition, this class explores the benefits of telehealth for both therapists and clients. It discusses strategies for optimizing the therapeutic process through virtual means, ensuring that therapists can harness the advantages of technology to enhance their practice. Simultaneously, it investigates how clients can actively contribute to the success of the therapeutic relationship within the telehealth context. By addressing ethical considerations and highlighting strategies of telehealth, mental health professionals can navigate the challenges of remote therapy while fostering a meaningful connection with their clients.

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