The Science of Shame and Safety
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   Eliezer Evan Schwadron, LCSW-R
   Ricki Bernstein
6 CEs
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Full Day Webinar 

June 5, 2023


This  Full Day Webinar   includes two excellent classes, a total of 6 CE Credits. The cost of the full day is $99.99. You may attend an individual class for $59.99. This webinar is live and interactive (Category 1)

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Class 1: 10:00-1:00PM EST

Understanding, Experiencing and Letting Go of Shame; An Experiential Workshop

Understanding, Experiencing, and Letting Go of Shame: An Experiential Workshop is a participation, not an observation experience. The goal of the workshop is twofold. One is to share informative material about shame. The second objective is to participate in safe, staged experiences to have the participant experience a feeling of shame and a group to process the feelings and let them go. Part of the power of the workshop is the sense of safety created that everyone is a participant and that there are no observers. "Experiential learning can be represented as a four-stage cycle where learning begins with experiences that allow participants to observe, review and reflect on what they have practiced, and then critically reflect on linking their experiences to theory or previous experiences consciously." Dr. Emma Bartle


Trainer:   Eliezer Evan schwadron, LCSE-R is a therapist at Yedei in Chestnut Ridge, NY. 


Class 2: 1:45-4:45PM EST

The Art and Science of Safety

Stephen Porges, the researcher and neuroscientist who developed The Polyvagal Theory, has carefully outlined the science of safety, arguing that safety is absolutely central to therapeutic growth and social connection. Reviewing PVT's basic principles, we will learn how to apply them in order to build safety in the therapy room. But what about our own subtle measurements? How do we each recognize the presence or absence of safety in ourselves and in our clients? Using short, experiential exercises we will examine the way we read our clients and assess the level of safety. We will track the creation and arrival of safety in the present moment.


Attention Maryland Social Workers: This class    does not    meet  requirements for Maryland Social Work Continuing Education.

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Trainer: Ricki Bernstein is a clinical social worker, consultant and trainer who specializes in trauma treatment. Trained in EMDR, Brainspotting, SE, Focusing, AEDP and classical homeopathy, Ricki brings a wide angle lens to her work. Teaching throughout North America and Israel, over the last 7 years she has trained over 1000 psychotherapists in Somatic Intervention. Her latest project is a somatic toolkit to calm and regulate the body-mind called Sense your Self (

Webinars included in this package:

Understanding, Experiencing and Letting Go of Shame; An Experiential Workshop

The Art and Science of Safety

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